First Evening

Eileen welcomed us.

Bobby Moore introduced himself and said he was going to be the host of our conversation and told us that it has been said that the quality of the outcome of a meeting depended on the clarity of the intention of each participant.  He then asked us to reflect in silence for a couple of minutes on our own intentions for this meeting and invited us to an imaginary cocktail party!  We moved around the room and shared our intentions with one other Sister, then a second and a third before we shared in the big group.  The overall intentions were for openness, new conversations, getting to know each other better and listening to what God is calling us to.

Then it was real party time as it is Eileen’s birthday today! We retired into the Smiley lounge and Drumalis produced a beautiful cake!




  1. Botshelo Life says:

    Dumela bomma. It is very interesting to see all the sisters. I am now feeling it. You all look lively and beautiful. Enjoy

  2. What a beautiful rainbow and what a wonderful biblical sign! You are definitely on the right track to wherever the Lord is leading you & us, of course, by default!
    Love, Moya

  3. This is my final effort to say something as I don’t know where my comments get to! Hope all is going well; I have enjoyed the photos and seeing old friends. All the Sisters here in Elmleigh are praying for the success of the meeting.
    Hope to see you on Friday pm when I shall be en route to B’castle. I’m hoping Anna might invite to stay for my tea!
    love, Moya

  4. Breda Ahearn says:

    Thanks for sharing the celebrations of your first meeting. May your first day go well