Communion Service – Day Four

Communion Service – Day Four from Sisters of the Cross & Passion on Vimeo.

We started our day with a prayer based on a reading from Luke 24, “On the road to Emmaus”

Going back to the road to Emmaus, Bobby asked us to look at our world today. He described it as a world where there is an ever larger disconnect and he mentioned three of them:

An ecological disconnect, a social disconnect and a spiritual disconnect.

Our challenge in our third day at the Assembly will be to work in the five focus groups: Mission, Formation, Finances, Communications and Governing structures. We must bear in mind that we belong in this world and we are part of this disconnect.

And, as Passionists, we asked ourselves how we can give new adequate responses to the Gospel in our time.

As we listen to each other to ignite, wisdom enters our hearts and they are ignited.

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